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Verbena & Olive Oil ✨

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Provencal basket with plenty of good regional products from the south of France 🌞

1 Verbena eau de toilette   30ml.         city of Grasse Perfume oïl   - Un été en Provence-

1 Verbena hand cream    30 ml.       idem

1 olive oïl fragant soap  100gr. Le Chatelard w/ beautiful metal box*

1 olive soap Bio w/ argan oil

1 handcraft decorated plate on ceramic (to scratch garlic)*

1 glove and oven hand w/ Provencal green printed designs

1 sculpture in ceramic which represents a cicada, the emblem of the Provence region*

(model & colors might change as stock is renewed constantly)

1 elegant special modern gift basket 

* items in ceramic are handcrafted and colors might change as stock changes rapidly idem for the metal soap box.