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💖 Un Air de Provence ✨

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 🎀Pamper yourself & dream a Provence journey  

The gift box contains:

1 almond milk concentrate cream  20ml.        L'Occitane en Provence

1 intensive hand balm 10 ml.      idem

1 hand care w/ almond from Provence   10ml.     idem 

1 heart lavender soap w/ vegetable oïl /Grasse perfume 100gr. 

1 soap metal box w/ lavender dessin

1 lemon crushed soap pure vegetal  125 gr.  Savon de Marseille

1 lavender w/ petals soap w/ vegetal oïl  100 gr.  Savon de Marseille

1 lavender crushed flowers sachet    

1 moringa bath bubble 28 gr.    The Body shop

1 face toilet washcloth w/ floral design   100% cotton

1 ceramic hand painted Provençal theme           La Boutique Provençale

1 elegant gift box





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