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🎁 Moringa Delicatessen ✨

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😊 Nourished dry skin, leaves skin soft and supple...  Rich in seed oil from hand-picked moringa flowers... unforgettable scent!

Your gift set contains:

1 shower gel Moringa fragrance   250ml.    The Body Shop

1 body yaourt Moringa fragrance  200gr.    The Body Shop

1 body butter Moringa fragrance   50ml.      The Body Shop

1 honey soap Bio w/ argan oil   100 gr.       Artisanat de Provence

1 moringa bath bubble  Moringa fragrance  28 gr.   The Body Shop

1 toilet glove bath/shower for exfoliation    100% cotton oeko-tex quality

1 red metal bucket gift w/ rope handles 🎁