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💟 Mango Energizing Rumba 💖

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🎁 Yummy mango rumba, rarara...  Looking for a stimulating gift that will help her forget work stress and spend an unforgettable St Valentine's day with you?🎶👌 This is the right gift for her 💕

Your gift box will have the following items:

1 mango body yogurt (moisturizer)   200 ml.            The Body Shop

1 mango & coriander energizing body lotion 200ml.      Yves Rocher

1 mango & coriander hand cream  30ml.   Yves Rocher

1 mango & coriander perfumed mist    100ml.   Yves Rocher

1 Bio orange Blossom soap w/ argan oïl   100gr.     Savon de Marseille 

1 mango lip butter 10ml        The Body Shop

1 scented linen heart La Maison du Bonheur

*if any product of this set is not available at the time you buy it will be replaced by another product of the same category but of a different similar taste!

Anyway, you'll never lose with us!