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💕 Champs Provençaux ✨

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💖 This set wants to be an imaginary journey to the Provence region in the south of France, surrounded by olive trees, lavender fields, vineyards, and bike routes full of aromatic scents✨😍full of happiness to share!

Your gift box contains: 

1 lavender essential oïl  20 ml.   origin Marseille, France

2 lavender soaps w/ petals enriched w/ sweet almond oïl   100gr        Le Chatelard France  

1 lavender soap & bamboo & rope hanging decoration

1 soap decorated metal box

1 lavender hand cream   L Occitane de Provence  10 ml

1 hand made painted ceramic

1 articulated doll w/ costume de Provence

1 glove facial cleanser   100% cotton

1 nicely wrapped gift box 🎁