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🌼 Jasmin - Immortelle - Neroli eau de toilette / gel douche 🎁

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✨ Sublime floral perfume, elegant blend of the feminine flowery fragrance Jasmine, the Corse Immortelle, and delicious neroli.  With these white notes that spread in the gardens in the early morning  is a pleasure to use at all time.  Enjoy a gourmet moment  🍰an unexpected sensation of the sparkling head, bright, angelic, scent of  Parisian pastry creator Pierre Hermé.  This perfume is the crop of the best creation in perfumes ever! 

The gift box contains:

1 Jasmin immortelle neroli eau de toilette spray  75ml   luminous, sensual, romantic

1 Jasmin immortelle neroli shower gel    250 ml    25% shea butter

1 Jasmin immortelle neroli hand cream   30ml   L'Occitanne en Provence

1 wrapped trendy toilet products bag 🎁