🍋Cédrat mon Jardin secret

🍋Cédrat mon Jardin secret

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🍋 Manly and sparkling fragrance, nothing more invigorating and fresh than this citrus fragrance with notes of: bergamot, nutmeg, blue ginger and a slightly woody trail.

Light to wear, strong identity, will remain your favorite choise forever! 🎷🌞🎁

this box contains:

- 1 Eau de toilette Cedrat, 75ml       L Occitane en Provence       south of France

- 1 shower gel for body & hair    250ml     L Occitane en Provence

- 1 natural soap "un Jardin sur la Sorgue" 100g    La Manufacture du Siècle   La Provence

- 1 scented bag w/ citrus    parfum de Grasse      Le Blanc

- 1 élégant gift metal box 🎁